Terms & Conditions

1. Membership will not be refundable, Extendable, and Transferable in any circumstance.


2. CURL FIT is not responsible for your belongings, in case of theft or misplacement.


3. For any damage to the GYM equipment, the member is solely responsible for compensating and replacing the same.


4. Membership will be canceled/terminated if causing problems for other members or breaking rules/ethics of the Management, any money transaction happens with trainers/staff without knowledge of Management, members or trainers approach PT illegally without billing.


5. Any discrepancy in the bill should be brought to our notice within 5 days.


6. Members are not allowed to Operate Music Systems & computers or seek the help of staff for personal work.


7. Offers can be launched/decided at any time on any occasion based on financial margins drawn by the company's sales and marketing strategy, No bargain or comments on any packages changed at any time.


8. Members are eligible for General Training and guidance, If personal Training is required member need to book sessions.


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